Google Gboard has a new surprise for you!


The Google Gboard application is launching an update that will make lovers of emojis very happy. The new feature makes Gboard even more interesting and intelligent.

The feature is called “emoji kitchen” and, in simple terms, it mixes your most used emojis and creates new. In summary, a combination of those you’ve used before.

Examples of Emojis created by Google Gboard

Google Gboard

The feature has not yet reached all users. We also have no concrete dates for this to happen. We only know that some users already have it and are already having fun with it.

Emojis Google Gboard

To activate the functionality, you don’t need to do anything. You simply use the emojis and you will see that over time you will have new and never seen suggestions.

Google Gboard continues to improve

Google’s keyboard remains without a serious competitor. At least it offers us so many features. Although not all decisions are to my liking, we have seen a Google committed to improving its use.

I’m just sad that the Google “Search” button has disappeared. It was certainly one of the few that used regularly. Now Google is more concerned with interaction in writing. This new feature of emojis is an example of that.

However, I still want Microsoft to consider improving its SwiftKey even more. A few years ago it was my preferred App, however, we have seen a clear difference in quality as time passes.

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