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Google Duo receive Video Voicemail update for Android and iOS

Google Duo, the application “sister” of Allo and that as such is virtually unknown to users. This is an application for Android and iOS that allows you to make video calls. Fantastic, right? Well, it is nothing that a Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and so many other application also allow to do. Now comes voicemail, with video!

Having said that, it’s hardly surprising that Google Duo has never achieved the expected potential of Mountain View, California’s technology. We have already covered the reasons for your failure but now we have some news for this App in its versions for Android and iOS.

Despite its lack of popularity, the application presents some trumps on the competition, both in the Android version and iOS. Now one of these new features is the ability to send a voicemail or voicemail video (up to 30 seconds).

In the same way that conventional voicemail allows you to leave a voicemail when someone does not answer your call. In the Google Duo for Android and iOS you can leave a “video voicemail” when someone does not answer your calls. If so desired.

Google Duo for Android and iOS now with Voicemail video

You can use this video voicemail when someone rejects your call or does not answer. On the other side will be a notification that there is a video voicemail that can be viewed if desired. At the end of the voicemail video playback you can answer the missed call with a button that will automatically appear. Note that the user may see the message or video left by the other party over and over again.

This will allow, through the Google Duo for Android and iOS, share some moments with whomever you want. It will be something like sending a video in Snapchat and Instagram. It will be a good way to ensure that your friends and family are always aware of your news.

You can download the Google Duo

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  1. This a nice features which would boost Google Duo..
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    Thanks for reviewing this information… Google is really trying so much! It’s a lovely feature. Wow

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