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Google Docs just got smarter with new update

Google Docs is one of the most widely used Google programs around the world. The Mountain View company gives us a free Word and everywhere. Since all documents are stored in Drive, you’ll rarely have space problems.

I have long used this program for daily tasks. Docs, Sheets and Forms are almost daily used at Androidvillaz for their simplicity and compatibility.

The new “Docs” update makes the program even more capable. Now Google Docs will be able to understand phrasal constructions to help your grammar.

Unfortunately the update is still only available in English, however, it is believed to be spreading to more languages ??soon.

Google Docs gains integration of Artificial Intelligence
Even so, this update will be important to all users who need to constantly work in English.

With the new Google Docs update in addition to the bug information you’ll still have minor improvements in vocabulary. All this is automated and aided by Artificial Intelligence.

The new update is now being released for all G Suite customers, meaning for now only for companies or individuals who have the premium version of the Google service.

Even so, I would not worry because the Mountain View company will not let this pass to the banal users. Google wants to confront Microsoft in the school and business sector and this is one way to do it.

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