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Google Discovery has received a feature on your Android that you will like! Know how to install it

Google Discovery, also known as “Google Feed and Google Now” received a new feature that many users expected.

The feature is not revolutionary, however, it will let you select more concretely the information you see on your Google Discovery.

The “Discovery” like has arrived

Google Discovery

It was in April that we first talked about this Implementation. Google decided it would discontinue “more or less about the news” to give us a heart. Something identical to what we have and see every day on social networks.

Therefore, you will no longer be able to say that you do not want to see so much news on a certain topic, instead, you will configure your feed with “likes” until you like it.

Functionality has reached most users

No need to update software via Google Play Store, users who rely on Google Discovery on their smartphone are already starting to see the new update. Google Discovery thus implemented a new format for selecting articles.

How to install Google Discovery on your Android smartphone

Google Discovery instalar no Android

Not all smartphones have Google Discovery in the corner of the device. Samsung mobile phones, for example, offer Bixby.

So, if you want Google Discovery on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to install a launcher compatible with the feature. One that we most recommend is the Rootless Launcher. A launcher severely identical to pure Android that accepts Google Discovery and icon customization.

First install the Rootless Launcher on the Google Play Store here. Right after installing the Launcher you only have to set it as the main one on your smartphone.

To install Google Discovery, you only need to install the APK called “bridge”. So, take a step here on this link and download the file with the name “ pixelbridge.apk ” . Install it as if it were any other application.

Right after installation press on a free space on the home page and go to “home page settings”. Enables the feature that says “Display Google application”.

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