Google denies any intention to start charging for Android

A few days ago came the information that Google could start charging for the use of Android. To be more specific, this decision would fall on Chinese manufacturers and would completely change the landscape of this open-source operating system.

Given this information, the publication BGR quickly asked the American giant for a comment. Then Google wanted to settle the world saying that it has no intention to charge manufacturers by Android.

The answer the Mountain View giant gave to this publication was that the tweet in question is not true. Still, it is a comment that will raise many doubts within the community that closely follows these matters.

Google says that the tweet made on Twitter Android account is false

It is important to contextualize this theme a little more. It all started with a posting on the official Android website on Twitter. There, it was mentioned that later this year Google would charge Chinese manufacturers for its operating system.

This information was quickly erased from this same page, but not before the SlashLeaksrepository had spread around the world. Given the origin of this information, all gave this information as official.

Google says that the tweet made on Twitter Android account is false


However, the American company now denies the veracity of this tweet. If so, what is the origin of the image you see above? Was it a mistake for one of its employees? Was it an assemblage of someone evil? Probably one we will know.

What is the origin of this whole theme?

Since its genesis that Android has been a free operating system for all companies that want to adopt. Google is able to do so that most of its revenue comes from your search and Chrome browser.

The kernel source codes of Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8.1 are available

However, all of this may change after the European Union fine imposed on Google. This sovereign body has ruled that the research giant is abusing its power by forcing manufacturers to install their services on Android smartphones. The result was a landmark $ 5 billion fine.


As a result, Google would have to change slightly the way it distributes Android. One of the possibilities was precisely to start charging manufacturers for the use of their services.

In summary, manufacturers will have to start paying individually for every Google application installed on their smartphones. Still, the ability to pay for Android itself seems to remain out of the question.


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