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Google creates new cyber security company, Alphabet Chronicle

Google and  Alphabet. Two names that increasingly associate Artificial Intelligence (AI), the pursuit of new technologies and from now on to combat cyber-crime. Yes, Alphabet has just launched a new company. It’s called  Chronicle.

First of all, in  Alphabet, we have a laboratory, a business incubator. By the way, this Alphabet lab is already known for helping to develop some of the most … fancy companies. More audacious and who want to help us discover and invent tomorrow.

It was from here that came out companies that want to produce contact lenses capable of analyzing blood sugar level. And even the giant balloons able to distribute Internet access to isolated populations.

This laboratory/business incubator is simply called “X”. Secrecy reigns. Whenever some project, some idea shows a good potential for development, companies go from young shoots to independent companies. Ready to work side by side with other Alphabet creations. So far, the organizations have managed to get this “approval”.

Chronicle is Google’s new sister company

The Chronicle is the latest addition to the short list of organizations that have achieved this autonomy. Your premise is simple. Scan huge amounts of information, protecting it from hackers and detecting security vulnerabilities. Your mission, as you may have already guessed, is the promotion of cyber-security.

From laboratory X, from Alphabet, the starting point is always technology. Derivations of some more or less known technology. From drones to food deliveries or new technologies to promote cybersecurity. Well, this may be more boring and less appetizing, but it’s increasingly important in our day-to-day life.

It’s called the Chronicle and it’s the new “shoot” of Alphabet

Chronicle Google Alphabet

Now, from these X-labs, the Chronicle arises, to counter the growing threat and concern about cyber-security. This is one of the biggest current threats to the entire business sector. They will still remember the theft of emails, movies and various content to Sony. Or even to other companies like North American  Target. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns today and you do not even need to go to Google to confirm that.

When, eight years ago, he created the laboratory “X”, his staff members repeated the same phrase over and over, ” atoms, not just bits “. Putting the emphasis not only on software development but also new hardware with the look put into the future. However, in 2015 we would see some changes to be applied to Google when it came under the umbrella of its parent company, Alphabet.

Stephen Gillett is the leader of the Chronicle

To lead the Chronicle, laboratory “X” recruited Stephen Gillett. This is a former COO ( chief operating officer ) of Symantec, one of the technology giants and with a lot of security experience. Gillett also went to Starbucks where he would play a similar role. It’s him that you have to thank for having free Wi-Fi at just about every Starbucks.It’s Alphabet that manages Google’s growing empire and influence. It’s this same Alphabet that coordinates the various companies under its wing, all of them sisters of Google. Now, we have the new Chronicle.

Cyber-security and the fight against cyber-crime

Cyber-security and the fight against cyber-crime

The remaining Chronicle co-founders include some top engineers who specialize in security. Among them, they have created a technology that helps protect the vast computer systems of Google search engines. They were, in short, that made Google essentially immune to hackers. Now they want to make one, on a “slightly” larger scale. Applications will emerge first in the industrial market.

There’s a lot of illiteracy in technology, the Chronicle knows it, Alphabet supports it.

Between bugs, security alerts and potential loopholes, the story of Pedro and Lobo is generalized. With so much alertness, we end up getting used to it and when a real threat arises, it is usually too late. Alphabet knows that. The Chronicle too.Gillett, in his Chronicle Blog, said his new software aimed at resolving a common complaint from technology and networking professionals. The alarming and ultimately confusing amount of security alerts they receive every day. The banalization of alerts.

The widespread acceptance is that many cyber-security and cyber-crime companies end up using technical jargon like ” Machine Learning “, artificial intelligence, and other expensive terms. They do it to reassure their customers. They assert their safety on the grounds that “this is better.” They do not specify what or why.

In short, the Chronicle, the new offspring of Alphabet and Google’s new sister company will help the corporate and business sector to strengthen their security. You can choose more competitive and economical solutions to be implemented in the market. It will be a company to follow closely, with coverage here at Androidvillaz.

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