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Google confirms that Android will finally have its 'AirDrop' soon

For years, Android users have asked the operating system to copy AirDrop. With this feature, Apple users can share files between devices quickly and securely.

With this in mind, Google has finally confirmed the launch of a similar option. It will be known as Nearby Share and will soon reach all smartphones with Android Marshmallow or higher

Confirmation was given by Google to the publication Android Police, which also had the opportunity to try Nearby Share. Thanks to that, we already have a very clear idea of ​​how everything will work.

Nearby Share will allow you to share several files between different platforms

As mentioned a few days ago, Nearby Share will not only work between smartphones. Other platforms will be compatible with the functionality and it is expected that Windows, macOS and ChromeOS will be among those elected.

As far as Android Police was able to ascertain, this feature will allow the sharing of photos, videos, URL If tweets . More files may be supported, but these were the only ones confirmed by the source.

Nearby Share
Credits: Android Police

Therefore, whenever you want to share one of these files, only you’ll need to press the share button. There, you will find the Nearby Share option, as if it were another application.

Contrary to what happens with AirDrop, this feature will work with any smartphone brand, as long as it runs Android. Furthermore, the recipient does not need to be on your contact list.

All he needs to do is have the option active and his smartphone visible. Once these requirements are met, file sharing still needs confirmation from the recipient and the sender.

When will Nearby Share arrive

Unfortunately, Google has not confirmed when it will make this feature available to its users. Still, it’s no wonder it’s available with the release of the final version of Android 11, not least because it option is already in beta.

It remains to be seen how those who do not have a Google Pixel can take advantage of Nearby Share. Will this feature be made available directly by Google or will we be, once again, dependent on brands for that?

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