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[YouTube Subscriber Battle] Google Chromecast is hacked to promote PewDiePie

Google Chromecast is hacked to promote PewDiePie
Google Chromecast

Nowadays, any technology lover wants to make their home a ‘smart home’, and the gadgets at their disposal are more than many. One of the essential additions to your room is undoubtedly the purchase of a Google Chromecast.

This is most likely one of the most versatile and affordable gadgets you can buy, putting fantastic features at your disposal. However, many of these gadgets, when used naively, can put your privacy at risk.

New Google Chromecast is official and brings features you’ll love

The alerting of thousands of users to this fact was exactly what motivated the  Giraffe hacker. This popular hacker (and a Youtuber PewDiePie fan) has hacked more than 5,000 Google Chromecasts, Google Homes and Smart TVs, all of which have an image that explains they have been exposed on the public internet.

Thousands of Google Chromecast hacked to promote PewDiePie

In addition, the hacker thought it would be funny to promote the channel of Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. Giraffe explains that this action was developed in the most harmless way possible, just wanting to draw the attention of users.

Therefore, also included in the image a link to a tutorial on how to maintain the security of your privacy when using this type of devices. Promoting the PewDiePie channel has a very simple explanation.

PewDiePie is the channel with the most followers on YouTube, but an Indian channel (T-Series) has emerged that has threatened the Swedish position. Quickly the slogan ” Subscribe to PewDiePie ” has become a  viral meme on the internet. Since the hacker is a PewDiePie fan, he thought it would be a comic addition to his ‘educational action’.



A Google representative has already issued an official statement about this event, stating categorically that this is not a problem with Google Chromecast. Turning the ‘hot potato’ into the hands of users, blaming the definitions used on their routers.

The hacker also revealed that on his initial scan using the Shodan search engine, he found more than 120,000 devices vulnerable to his scriptOnce again, he was keen to point out that his goal was only educational. Referring to another type of hacker, could use this vulnerability in a much more harmful.


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