Home NEWS Google Chromecast Audio was officially discontinued by the company

Google Chromecast Audio was officially discontinued by the company

Google Chromecast Audio was officially discontinued by the company

Launched in September 2015, Google Chromecast Audio is one of the most economical gadgets in the US company. A simple device designed to please all lovers of music reproduction.

However, just over three years after its revelation, behold, this comes to the end of the line. The US company has confirmed to 9to5 Google the discontinuation of its Google Chromecast Audio.

The possibility had already been raised by one user on Reddit. He had seen his order for a Chromecast Audio cancelled by the festive season. At the time, the support of the American giant had existed such as with the discontinuation of the product.

Google Chromecast Audio reaches the end of its life

That being so, today’s confirmation turns out to be not a complete surprise. This is just to confirm an end already announced for one of the simplest gadgets ever launched by the research giant.

The research giant justifies this decision with its already extensive portfolio of devices for those who enjoy music playback. In addition, the company appeases those who already have a copy, stating that it will continue to be supported. It will just stop being marketed.

This means that the units that are still in the official stores will be the last ones. In that sense, if you have any interest in purchasing a Chromecast Audio you must make your purchase before the stock runs out.

Google Chromecast Audio


What is the purpose of Google Chromecast Audio?

This little gadget is designed similarly to Google Chromecast. In other words, make it possible to play content through your smartphone to any speaker you have at home.

In fact, all you need to do is connect your Chromecast Audio to your speaker so that you can enjoy your music in high quality. With Wi-Fi broadcasting, Google promises audio playback at the quality level of any physical CD.

However, with the growing popularity of Google Home, Chromecast Audio has lost its visibility in the market. So the company from Mountain View thought it good to now put an end to this little gadget and look harder for the future.



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