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Google Chrome will receive antivirus functionality for Windows PCs


Google Chrome is currently the most popular and most widely used browser in the world, whether it’s Windows PCs or even the smartphone industry. Over the years the research giant has been creating a range of increasingly complete services that have trapped many people within its small ecosystem.

Consequently, the improvement of all these services is constant so that their quality increases more and more. The next new feature will bring to your Google Chrome browser anti-virus features, but only for Windows computers, with Macs and Linux being left out.

There is a new feature for Chrome that has already started to be silently deployed last month. This browser is now able to detect when any of your settings is changed automatically, without user intervention.

This happens especially when we install any program on our computer and it changes autonomously, for example, the main page of the browser. Well, this type of maneuver is now being monitored by Chrome itself and when you reopen it will be notified and asked if you want to revert the changes.

For the future you are promised the implementation of a feature that much resembles any antivirus for your Windows PC. Named Chrome Cleanup, the company claims that it will be able to detect suspicious or unwanted programs on your PC.

Google Chrome  Windows PCs

The Mountain View company will work closely with ESET to develop this new feature. However, it is Google itself to stress that it will not waive the installation of antivirus software on your PC.

Will Google Chrome be a direct competitor to your Windows PC antivirus?

But it is this last point that raises some questions regarding its operation. Will you search all directories on your PC to find out what programs should not be there? Or will it limit your search to programs that are downloaded by Chrome itself?

The truth is that Google Chrome is not exactly the lightest browsers on the market and the implementation of this new feature will certainly have repercussions on the amount of RAM allocated to it.

Seen from this perspective, a serious question arises as to the extent to which this new functionality can be beneficial to the user, especially to those who have a Windows computer with less processing capacity.



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