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Google Chrome fixes faults in incognito mode

If you use anonymous Google Chrome browsing to keep your privacy online, you should know that your browser has a flaw that allows you to detect the use of this tool, that is, what should be private can be circumvented without the user noticing.

All you have to do is search on Google to find a number of results on how to find out whether the user is browsing anonymously or not, with Stack Overflow containing a myriad of solutions. Generally, just check if the API “FileSystem” is enabled in the user’s browser or not – if not, this means that Incognito mode is enabled. Knowing this, the websites that do this verification – the vast majority of newspapers and communication vehicles that adopt paywall – can circumvent one of the main purposes of this way, which is precisely not to create or store files that can identify the user on the web.

With the API disabled, sites cannot create temporary files on the system, but end up “bypassing” the situation by creating permanent files on the storage device. The Google proposal, found in the source code of Chromium Gerrit, is whenever you receive a request to create a new file, do so on a virtual system using RAM. That way, every time the user closes the browser, the system can ensure that all files are deleted, easily disabling all current methods to detect if Chrome is incognito.

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