Home NEWS Google Camera says ‘goodbye’ to panoramic photos and ‘hello’ to Night Sight

Google Camera says ‘goodbye’ to panoramic photos and ‘hello’ to Night Sight

Google Camera says 'goodbye' to panoramic photos and 'hello' to Night Sight
Google Camera says 'goodbye' to panoramic photos and 'hello' to Night Sight

With the arrival of beta 5 of Android Q, also came new implementations to the application Google Camera. The new version 6.3 is not yet available in the Google Play Store, having only been released in the beta version of Android Q.

Essentially, there are two major changes, which will surely cause mixed reactions among users. Google has decided to make changes to the Night Sight night mode positioning as well as the white balance control feature.

Google Camera Night Sight


Night Sight is now prominently on Google Camera

This is an implementation that will be guaranteed with open arms, making it possible to access this popular mode directly in the main interface of the App.

However, his arrival made the Panorama mode relegated to the sub-menu of the application. In essence, these two modes end up changing positions.

Since it was released last year, Night Sight mode has been ‘hidden’ in the application’s secondary menus, making its access unnecessarily complicated. However, the new position of Panorama mode will surely leave many users unhappy.

Two simple solutions to please ‘Greeks and Trojans’

Instead of simply switching positions between these two modes, Google could implement one of two solutions that would appeal to all users.

They could choose to leave the Panorama mode in the same position, adding only a new slot to fit the Night Sight. On the other hand, if you wanted to keep the number of options on the main interface, there is a very simple solution.

In the same way that we can configure which shortcuts are present in the Android notification bar, it could be applied in the Google Camera interface. The possibility to customize the options according to the preferences of the users, would be well received by all.

You will no longer be able to adjust the white balance before taking a picture

Even though it’s a well above average application, Google Camera also makes some mistakes when you adjust your settings before capturing a photo.

White balance is not always done perfectly, so it has always allowed the user to adjust them before taking a picture. However, it looks like this option will disappear at the next application update.

It was not clear whether this absence was due to a bug, or whether it was a new company strategy. They may want to get users to make small edits of photos through Google Photos or their editing application, Snapseed.


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