Google Camera (GCam) brings 4 new features that you will simply love!


The Google camera, also known as GCam, prepares an update that is guaranteed to make you happy if you use this application daily for your photos.

Not only is the GCam quality superior to the others, but minimalism and simplicity make this User Interface fantastic. The application brings the algorithm of Google Pixel smartphones, that is, they can improve the camera of your smartphone simply with the application software

Improvements of the new Google Camera update (GCam)

Google Gcam Google Câmara 7.5 novidades

The update only reached Beta users with Android 11 and Pixel smartphones. However, this is a glimpse of what you will also receive on your smartphone. It remains for us to know how long it will take to reach all the Device. Version 7.5 offers new features that will make talking.

Gcam brings Motion Blur in version 7.5

Google câmara GCam Motion Blur

The “Motion Blur” is something identical to what you can see in the photo above. A photo that “stops” time and remembers movements and lights in a unique way.

Huawei, for example, is one of those that has already offered this Motion Blur for some time, however, most other smartphones (and cameras) can only create such an effect when using the mode manual.

Audio directed with zoom

This feature is not new in smartphones. HTC had already revealed something similar on its smartphones a few years ago. Given that Google bought the hardware and development division from HTC, it’s no surprise to see the news coming to GCam.

In summary, the audio will focus on where your zoom is. That is, if you point at a subject and zoom in, the microphones will also focus on that subject and reduce the audio coming in from other angles.

Flash intensity of the camera

At this moment you have the possibility to turn the flash on and off. Well, the novelty will give users the possibility to give more or less intensity to the flash. We still don’t know if specific hardware is needed for this.

Simplified video sharing

As the name implies, the novelty is not the most relevant, however, important. Now you will be able to share the videos you record on GCam more simply. You will have the best known Apps with no more need to make feints to share the video on your favorite social network or messaging app.

In short, we are still not sure when the news will reach all users, however, we will be attentive to the news about the situation.

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