Home NEWS Google attacks iPhone XS mercilessly in new commercial

Google attacks iPhone XS mercilessly in new commercial

Google attacks iPhone XS mercilessly in new commercial

Just as it has become customary, the arrival of new smartphones from Google would not be the same if there was no controversy. With the introduction of the new Google Pixel 3, there were many criticisms of its design. However, the marvels of photographic software have again left everyone ‘jaw dropped’.

Both models arrive with only a rear camera, but the final quality of your photographs is simply incredible. Especially in low-light environments thanks to the amazing Night Sightmode.

Google has now decided to launch a new advertising campaign where it ‘once again’ destroys the iPhone XS by comparing the photos of Apple’s top-tier and it’s Google Pixel 3 using Night Sight.

Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone XS? The results speak for themselves …

Yesterday, Google’s Vice President posted a comparative image on his Twitter account. On the right, we can see the photo (impressive) taken by Pixel 3, and on the left a not so impressive taken by “Phone X”. The small detail is in the small text in the lower left corner, where it clearly indicates that an iPhone XS was used.

This is not the first time the Mountain View company uses the Apple iPhone X to enhance the photographic capabilities of their smartphones. Also during the “Made by Google” event, they did the same.



The Night Sight mode is really impressive, not only for nighttime pictures but also during the day. That’s what the company has highlighted in the past, demonstrating the results of  Night Sightin photographs taken during the day.

Lastly, the best of all would be Google eventually make this little ‘work of art’ available to all Android smartphones. However, I doubt that will ever happen.



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