Google Assistant now has a much more natural voice thanks to WaveNet

When Google acquired the English artificial intelligence company, DeepMind, which in 2014 was nothing more than a simple startup, no one seemed to be able to explain the interest of a company like Google in something as small as this  startup  but now its influence is already done notice in the voice of Google Assistant thanks to a little magic “trick” called WaveNet.

DeepMind was a very discreet small company with no end-consumer product but no doubt it had something that could spark the interest of the Mountain View giant. Now, DeepMind is part of the Alphabet structure, the conglomerate of companies that even Google is a part of.

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One of the latest projects developed by DeepMind is called  WaveNet and consists of a dense neural network to create a voice reproduction that looks less artificial and presents a more natural … if possible.

This technology was introduced last year and has since been maturing and learning to become much more natural than the voice playback mechanism based on previous recordings of actors.


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