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Google Assistant is now available on Play Store but there is a catch

Google Assistant is now available on Play Store but there is a catch

Google Assistant For many it is a glimpse of the future, a virtual assistant for Android and iOS will be able to complement perfectly your enjoyment of the smartphone. That if you are a US citizen, English and even for Brazilian users because these are some of the major languages supported by the new giant of service Mountain View. Now already you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

Now any Portuguese or Brazilian citizen can actually install this Google Assistant on their smartphone/tablet Android since its App is already in the official Google Store, Google Play Store. However, after installation you’ll have a surprise … the App itself does not seem to do anything …

Google Assistant has reached the Google Play Store

True, despite already be installed on your Android by downloading this App from the Google Play store you can even get a little confusing because the only thing this will do is install a  widget, an interactive shortcut on the screen of your smartphone/tablet as fastest and most convenient way to access this service.

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So … if the app is already installed in some smartphones with the latest system updates and related software, why she is now in the Play Store to download free secure?

The great … but the app itself seems to do absolutely nothing. Nothing we did not already have our smartphones with the Android Nougat? Will be just this side?

According to some sources as AndroidPolice, she’ll be there due to the recently announced Pixelbooks but would urge that for the smartphone (and especially to the Portuguese and Brazilian users) its importance would be greatly reduced.

Anyway, if they wanted to install the new Google Assistant, your device may do so through the official store for Android, Google Play Store – HERE.

By the way, try to install this App and tell me that scenario faced in your respective Android devices.


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