Home NEWS Google Assistant may also receive the popular ‘Dark Mode’

Google Assistant may also receive the popular ‘Dark Mode’

Google Assistant may also receive the popular Dark Mode

‘Dark Mode’ is one of the most desired features for users in virtually every application. It has been proven that in addition to being more ‘nice’ with the eyes, it also ends up saving battery in mobile phones with OLED screen.

So we’ve seen Google try to update most of its applications over the past few months by implementing this dark theme in its interface. In addition, several other reputed applications also begin to choose to implement the desired feature.

Now, after the first information about Android Q has appeared, we learned that Google Assistant should also soon receive ‘Dark Mode’. This is not news that comes with great surprise since it has already been confirmed that this mode will have great importance in the next version of Android.

Also, Google Assitant will receive the desired ‘Dark Mode’

It seems that the company already has new implementations saved ‘up the sleeve’. After optimizing your entire interface, it looks like you’re now ready to deploy the new night mode.

As revealed by 9to5Google , the new beta of the Google application brought several new features to the virtual assistant. For users who are using battery saving mode and / or the ” Night Mode ” option is always on, Google Assistant is starting to show some surprises.

Everything indicates that very soon the virtual assistant can receive the new dark theme that so many users love. However, it is now extremely obvious that it is still under development.


As you can see in the published images, changing the color pallet is only done on some cards. Featuring a true mix of tones. In its present state, it is even more aggressive in the eyes than with the white color alone.

Soon, everything will be ‘darker’ in the Android world

With the great trend created in the second half of 2018 to spread even further during the beginning of 2019. Everything indicates that soon the Android world will be much darker. But, they are good news!

It is with great satisfaction that we see more and more,  developers committed to offering ‘Dark Mode’ in their applications and even on websites. This is a transition that will make users feel much more comfortable using their devices. No need to wrinkle their eyes to resist the beam of light emanating from their screens.


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