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Google Assistant available for devices with Android Marshmallow

Google Assistant available for devices with Android Marshmallow

Google Assistant has been available for a long time for latest Android version devices. In fact, it was and is one of its great assets and capital gains. Now for the older devices, with two or more years, we have good news. Very soon, smartphones and tablets with the Marshmallow Android operating system will be able to use this virtual assistant.

Google is well to listen to the complaints of many of its customers and users of its services. Note that the Android Marshmallow is by far the most popular version of this operating system.  The latest version of this platform is Oreo 8.0 but is not even 1% of devices.

Google Assistant comes to Android devices Marshmallow

The innovations are already being distributed as aligning this article. Users in the United States have already received the Google Assistant. The same applies in the UK. Canada. India and Singapore. The update also comes to Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Mexico.Already by his side, Android Marshmallow dominates with 46.5%. The overwhelming majority of users of this operating system can not just go far, enjoy the Google Assistant, something that will change. That said, the advances to Engadget, if you have a smartphone or even an older tablet then you will be able to enjoy this Artificial Intelligence.

Google made it so that your Assistant needs to reach the most users. To do this, it needed compatibility with this old version of the operating system. Note that the Android Marshmallow was introduced in 2015. In 2016 we had the nougat Android 7.0 and now in 2017 the 8.0 Oreo.

This wizard is now available for devices with Lollipop, a version released in 2014. Now, I have no doubt that there are still many devices, high-end and mid-range, with this version of the operating system. For all of them, it will be a golden opportunity. Now only lack even these innovations arrive in our language and our country.

We do not have any official information about the arrival of this feature to the Portuguese territory. Once this happens they will also be the first to know. And you, what would you ask first to this virtual assistant?


  1. Thanks again! This Google assistant, i have not used it before and I don’t know what it is so much and how it’s very helpful… Gonna give you feedback.


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