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Google App Recipes Card Is Rolling Out To More Users

Google App Recipes Card Is Rolling Out To More Users

The Google App recipes card is rolling out to more users it looks like, as some users are now reporting having seen a “see recipes for you” card in the updates tab that saw a wider rollout itself not too long ago. While the recipes card is starting to roll out to more users at this point, that certainly doesn’t mean that it will show up in your own feed just yet. If you’re an aspiring cook though, or you simply like trying different recipes for yourself or your family, it might be worth checking out if the card is available.

The see recipes for you card may not show up as the very top card in the updates tab, so you may have to scroll down a bit to find it. Once you do though, a quick little description will tell you that the card provides you with a way to get ideas on what to cook. Though the content you find after tapping on the card will likely be pooling options based on a variety of factors, some of the ideas that surface will be based on past recipe searches that you’ve completed. Lining the bottom edge of the card you can also tap the edit button to edit your dietary preferences if anything has changed, or if this is your first time configuring them.

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Once you tap the card you’ll immediately see a series of cards which offer up recipes for various types of dishes or other meal components, and the further you scroll down the page you can see a card which displays cooking-related articles you have recently viewed. At the very bottom, Google has even included a small set of cooking utilities that might be useful to have on hand when actually cooking, like an option to set a timer, create reminders (perhaps for picking up an ingredient for something you’re going to cook later), and converting weight and volume. This page also acts as a secondary location for editing your dietary preferences, which includes toggles for getting only vegan, vegetarian, or pork-free recipes each with their own individual toggle. If you don’t cook and don’t want to see this card in your updates tab you can always swipe to remove it, but it’s there if you want it.


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