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Google and Microsoft may be preparing a unique partnership

Google and Microsoft may be preparing a unique partnership

Google and Microsoft may be preparing a partnership that will leave many satisfied users and skeptics skeptical. Google and Microsoft are eternal competitors. Although they have partnerships formed for the future, Microsoft and Google have always stood apart from each other.

Microsoft is the company that dominates software for Windows 10 computers. Google dominates Internet search and browser with Chrome and Google search. Microsoft is trying to get its Edge to compete. If you use a Windows computer you’ve often seen a notification saying “why do not you use Edge instead of Chrome?”.

Can Google Chromebooks install Microsoft Windows 10?

That is why I am amazed by this information. According to the latest rumors, the Mountain View company must allow Chromebook users to introduce Windows 10 as an operating system on their computers.

XDA says Chromebooks will arrive with installed software called “campfire.” This software will give the user an easy installation of Windows 10 on their machines.

We must bear in mind that not all Chromebooks should work with this capability. I remind you that Microsoft’s system is a lot heavier than ChromeOS.

However, if such a possibility reaches the Pixel Book, it is more than a good reason to add the computer to the shopping cart. Let’s face it, Google can do many things well done, however, ChromeOS is a system that does not give us great possibilities.

It is perfect for small tasks, it is true, however, who is going to buy a computer of 1000 € (price of the Pixel Book) for small tasks?

On the other hand, we have Windows 10 from Microsoft. Although not perfect either is the most versatile on the market. I’m seriously curious to see such a partner. It is believed that everything can be revealed in October at the presentation of the new Pixel 3.


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