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Good and cheap webcam: the 5 best to buy in 2020

When buying a webcam for the computer, it is possible to save if we know which model to choose. For those looking for a good and inexpensive webcam for teleworking, or online conversations and conferences, we present good purchase options.

For good image and sound quality, in addition to simplicity of use and compatibility with Windows and Mac, there are several criteria to take into account that we also make known in this article. Follow our tips and you’ll know what to value on a webcam.

1. AUKEY Webcam 1080 P Full HD

Webcam Aukey
AUKEY has excellent accessories such as the Webcam 1080 p Full HD.

Maximum resolution : Full-HD to 30 fps

Field of vision: 65 º

Price : from 40, 79 € on Amazon.ES

The model Webcam 1080 P Full HD from AUKEY has the best price / quality ratio in this list. It is capable of capturing video in high resolution and with two microphones for capturing natural voice and with detail for video calls and conferences.

The computer camera uses a 1 / 2.9 “CMOS sensor, with good performance even in poorly lit environments. Installation is simple, PLUG & PLAY, just plug into the USB port on your Windows and / or Mac computer.

The highlight goes to the image sensor used, the stereo microphones, as well as noise reduction and the stylish design of this good and cheap webcam. It can be mounted on a tripod, or using the flexible support of the camera itself.

2. Logitech C 270

Webcam Logitech
AC 270 from Logitech is a good webcam quality.

Maximum resolution : Full-HD to 30 fps

Field of eyesight: 65 º

Price : from 34, 99 € on Amazon ES

A C 270 from Logitech is a good and cheap webcam, although the price can vary considerably. In any case, this camera is capable of greatly improving the quality of video calls via Zoom, Skype, or for teleworking situations.

Captures a sharp image in HD (720), being able to capture photos with 3 MP of resolution. In addition, it has a front and integrated microphone, with some reduction of ambient noise, being able to mediate videoconferences with ease.

The highlight goes to the simplicity of installation, just connecting to the USB port of Windows computers Mac. In addition, the price is generally competitive, and low. It has a base for installation and secure fixation on top of the monitor.

3. Creative Live! CAM

Webcam Creative
Creative has one of the best webcam with a low profile.

Maximum resolution : HD a 30 fps

Field of vision: 65 º

Price : from , 85 € on Amazon.ES

A Live! CAM from Creative is a good and cheap webcam, capturing high definition (HD) video at 720 p . If you are looking for a discreet profile PC webcam, perfect to install on top of the monitor and with an integrated microphone, it is a good purchase.

The camera is capable of capturing photos at 5.7 MP with dedicated button on top of the webcam. The integrated microphone is capable of capturing audio and reducing ambient noise to improve the quality of calls on Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, among others.

The highlight goes to the webcam support that allows a safe mounting on the monitor. In addition, the profile is discreet and use is simple, just connect to the USB port of the Windows and / or Mac computer.

4. Trust Trino 720 P

Webcast Trio
Trust webcam support allows a firm installation.

Maximum resolution : HD a 30 fps

Field of vision: 65 º

Price: from 27, 54 € on Amazon.ES

A Trust Trino is a good and inexpensive webcam, with a simple appearance and robust support for a firm installation. The camera captures HD video at 720 p, sufficient for video calls, online conferences and telework, also with integrated microphone

At the top we find a button for capturing photos with 8 MP resolution, being a PLUG & PLAY solution as it is enough to connect to the USB port of the Windows and / or Mac computer. It is a cheap option for improve the quality of video calls.

The highlight goes to its fixing base, the button to quickly capture photos and the quality, already acceptable for Skype calls, for example. Whether for PC or Mac, the price of the webcam is very competitive, making it a good option.

5. Logitech C 525

Logitech C525
Logitech’s AC 525 has a rotating base and focus

Maximum resolution : HD to 30 fps

Field of vision: 69 º

Price : from 64 € on Amazon.ES

A C 525 from Logitech is a good cheap webcam, capable of capturing HD video at 720 p, suitable for calls via Skype, Zoom and Google Meet , among other platforms. It has autofocus, as well as lighting correction and an integrated microphone.

The webcam can capture photos for sharing on social networks, in addition to having a relatively wide viewing angle. The construction is durable, with the design being discreet, but very functional.

The highlight goes to autofocus, in addition to the rotating base in 360 º, increasing the versatility of this good quality webcam. It can be folded for easy transport and has a good foot for installation on the PC monitor.

5 tips for choosing a good quality webcam

1. Video resolution . The video capture standard should be HD (720 p), or preferably FullHD (1080 p) and, in extreme cases, 4K. This question will dictate the quality of the image captured in real time and in the video recordings.

2. Focus type. Cheaper cameras can have manual or fixed focus. However, the best webcams already have autofocus, keeping your face always focused and sharp during video calls.

3. Microphones and audio . Webcams usually integrate microphones to host conferences, for example. However, these are rarely of good quality, and it is recommended to choose one of the microphones selected by Androidvillaz.

4. Webcam lens . Something that is sometimes not taken into account, but that influences the quality of the image. So the best webcams use glass lenses, but there are also some good and cheap webcams with plastic lenses.

5 . Connection, fixation and design . Three criteria that influence the webcam’s ease of use. Currently the connections are USB Plug & Play, just connect to the PC and use. To this is added the design and the type of fixing base, something to take into account.

Before you go, see the list of the best webcams today. There you will also find several tips to improve image quality during video calls.

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