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Gmail Go is now available on Google Play Store for Android

The Android “Go” initiative was introduced a few months ago. Essentially it consists of an adaptation of Android Oreo for cheap devices, with little RAM and limited technical specifications. even smartphones with 1 or less GB’s of RAM can be minimally streamlined. To do so, a new “Go” app comes in, the Gmail Go that has already “landed” on the Google Play Store.

Initially limited to devices … limited, Android Go now begins to be more permeable. Especially in applications that belong to you. Here we have Maps Go, Google search, Files Go, among others. The latest being the email application of Mountain View Technology.

By making these applications available in the official Android store, Google gives any user the chance to try out these lightweight applications! They are “Lite” versions, versions optimized to consume less resources of the smartphone where they are used.

One of the issues that has plagued readers is the exact role of “Android Go” devices. In fact they do not exist. At least in the same way that we know the Android One devices. At least, for now, no developer has adapted their Device to the “Go” initiative.

Gmail Go has arrived in the Android Play Store

In time we may see brands such as HR, Wiko or Alcatel transplanting this optimized version for basic Device to their low-end offerings. It would be a way to guarantee a minimum level of usability. At least that way, after a few months the devices should not show signs of slowness. Everything would also depend on the type of implementation of “Go” in your Device.

Gmail Go Layout
Gmail’s “light” version has already arrived at the official store of the Android operating system.

Anyway, in recent weeks we’ve seen more and more “Go” apps coming to the Google Play Store. All of them are identifiable by the suffix “Go”. They are simplified applications, lighter and that abdicate some of the functions of the respective conventional versions that we already know.

As the international press tells us, Gmail Go is a lighter version of the email application we know so well. It is designed to consume less hardware resources and to be faster. All this, once again, to improve the experience of consumers who have devices with more limited characteristics.

The Gmail Go description in the Google Play Store does not seem to be any different from the conventional version of the app itself. Something very strange because so far all “Go” applications have dropped some trumps or features to operate more expeditiously, light and fast.

The less good part is the fact that you could not use this Gmail Go on any of the smartphones that walk around. None of them have 1 GB or less of RAM so we are not allowed to use the application. You can access the HERE app from the Google Play Store.

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    Thanks for the info..
    Let me try the app out.. The design looks like the normal version.

  2. It’s better than the normal version, with better qualities, it’s good for us with low ram, thanks admin

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