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Ghostbusters World: Pokemon Go with Ghosts for Android and iOS


Ghostbusters World will soon arrive on Android and iOS and promises to be the Pokémon Go with ghosts. Yap, the copy of Pokémon Go with some differences to the mix.

The Pokémon was the most popular game two years ago and remains one of the chosen ones in the summer. This is because in addition to collecting little monsters and playing an interesting game, you are also exercising and leaving the house.

Ghostbusters World has the same ideology and very similar technology. You have ghosts flying in the streets and your job is to pick up your proton pack and start collecting.

The game will initially start with 150 ghosts, however, the game will feature some differences from Pokémon Go.

Ghostbusters World will be the new “Pokémon Go” for Android and iOS

We will be able to play PvP (Player vs Player). Although we do not know in concrete how this will work. We still have the chance to team up and catch ghosts together.

The game uses the same technology as Niantic’s Pokémon Go. Improving technology for Augmented Reality applications makes this type of game more familiar.

Google ARCore and Apple ARKit are more capable, functional and ready to bring us more and more games with this kind of possibility.

Google also provided the Google Maps platform to developers, needless to say, it has greatly improved this type of application.


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