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Get more out of YouTube with this five key tricks

Youtube is one of the tools that give us the Internet and that generates thousands and millions of users in the world daily. But did we get all the juice we could get? Here are several tricks that will help you use and watch videos in a more practical and accessible.

Youtube is one of the most popular services on the internet and has many utilities that few people know about. In this note, we tell you what else you can do to get the most out of this tool.

The Five Key Youtube Tricks

1. Convert YouTube to your personal karaoke.

You have to enter the Chrome Web Store and, in the search option, type Musixmatch. Choose the “Musixmatch lyrics for Youtube” option and click “Add to Chrome” to add the extension to your browser.

Once added, you just have to play your favorite song on YouTube and turn on the subtitle option. Musixmatch has a catalog with more than 14 million lyrics and works in 58 languages.

How to Rip Audio And Videos From YouTube On Your Android

2. Use the keyboard shortcuts.

  • K: Play / Pause Video
  • Left arrow: rewind 5 seconds
  • J: rewind 10 seconds
  • L: advances 10 seconds
  • Right arrow: advances 5 seconds
  • 0: Resets the video
  • Point (.): Advance a frame with the video stopped
  • Eat (,): Go back one frame with the video stopped
  • F: Go to full-screen mode
  • Esc: Exit full-screen mode
  • M: Mute video
  • Start: Go to the beginning of the video
  • End: Go to the end of the video
  • Up Arrow: Turn up the volume by 5%
  • Down arrow: Turn the volume down by 5%

3. Use your cell phone as a remote control.

If you have a smart TV at home, you can project YouTube videos from your cell phone, tablet or laptop to your TV screen. This allows you not to have to use your remote control, which is usually a little uncomfortable when typing words. The first thing you have to do is download the latest updated version of the YouTube application on your smart TV and your device and login with your user.

On the TV, go to the “Settings” option and give the “Sync” button. This will give you a URL and a numeric code, as well as a QR code. On the phone, inside the YouTube application, go to “Settings” and “TV connected”. From there, choose the “Add TV” option. If the device recognizes the QR code, this is used, and if you do not enter the numerical data to relate your tablet or computer to the TV.

Once linked, you only have to play the video with your device and it will appear directly on the television screen.

Ensure you can access Youtube Everywhere
Despite Youtube’s popularity worldwide, certain governments and various institutions (including offices and schools) are begun blocking access to Youtube through their network. Those interested in circumventing blockages can use a VPN to unblock Youtube

4. How to make Gifs from any video.

Did you know that you can make Gifs from any video you like on YouTube?

To do so, you need to add gif at the beginning of the URL ( …) and GIF YouTube will open. From there you can choose the duration of the gif, the start time and experiment with all the possibilities.

5. Clear the search history. 

YouTube saves a history of all the plays we make from our account. If we do not want it to be visible, we can eliminate it.

To do so, you must first be registered with our YouTube account or any of the Google services. Once registered, in the upper left margin of the page will appear the “History” option, which will show all the videos that we have seen.

The option allows you to delete each video individually, but you can also delete them all at once with the option “Delete all the playback history”, the button that appears just below “Playback history”.

If we do not want YouTube to keep those videos in the future, we need to click on the tab next to “Pause playback history”.


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