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Get 100% Full Charge in 18 Minutes With Super mCharge Tecnology


Super mCharge the next crazy Technology coming to reality. Charging your device at the speed of shock! You will not mind me saying It an abuse of technology if it takes us 60minutes to have a full charge on your smartphone. However, Meizu shocked many Android users as they announced Super mCharge technology at MWM2017.

The Super mCharge is rated at 55W (at 11V/5A), which is stronger than Qualcomm’s 18W Quick Charge 3.0 methods or Motorola’s 28.5W TurboPower. According to Meizu, This can charge up a 3000mAh Super mCharge-rated battery in just 20 minutes; I believe this is impressive if it truly holds up in the real world.

Meizu demonstrated the Super mCharge at it headquarters while a visiting Taiwanese reporter was present.

From the Taiwanese reporter’s perspective, he recorded that the phone took 18 minutes and 12 seconds to charge full a device from 0 to 100%. No heat despite the super quick charge.

And in a world where exploding device batteries are a lingering concern for all, Meizu has promised that it Super mCharge batteries will only reach around 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than the 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit Quick Charge 3.0 batteries can reach.

The smartphone that will feature this Super mCharge Technology hasn’t been announced. Let all keep our fingers cross so what Meizu has installed for us all….  I called this Super mCharge technology as The speed of Shock!


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