Home NEWS German government considers banning Huawei from working with 5G

German government considers banning Huawei from working with 5G

German government considers banning Huawei from working with 5G

The Huawei may be left out of the implementation of 5G technology in Germany. The company’s participation in this topic was the subject of an internal meeting this week with the country’s Foreign Ministry confirming that the representatives are concerned about the safety of the network after the series of espionage charges against the Asian company.

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The German government sees the installation of the 5G network as essential for the coming years, as Chancellor Angela Merkel has said. Therefore, the clarity of the process and the absence of suspicion are fundamental, with concerns about Huawei being cited as “very relevant”, leading to discussions that may end up leaving the manufacturer out of that implementation, in another door that is closed to it in the West.

The conversation was initially reported in the local press and would mark the first time Germany has taken a stand on espionage charges against Huawei. According to an official statement, however, no decision has yet been taken and the agenda should continue to be discussed in the near future until the implementation of 5G technology effectively begins with the “right partners” for the German government.

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As it has done countless times over the past few months, Huawei defended itself by denying any and all allegations of espionage, saying that such fears are unfounded. The company also invited the government not only from Germany, but any other oversight body, to conduct audits and check the standards used by the company in its products used for communication and infrastructure. In the text, the company claims that its possible exclusion from the implementation of 5G is not rational.

Australia and New Zealand have already announced the exclusion of Huawei from network-related contracts, with more banishes of the type being expected in other countries, notably the United States and the United Kingdom. Accusations and suspicions of espionage have fallen on the manufacturer since last year but gained strength in December after Meng Whanzou’s chief financial officer was arrested in Canada.

Daughter of the company’s founder, she is accused of negotiating technologies with countries like Iran and North Korea, hurting sanctions imposed by the United States. In addition, Huawei is constantly questioned by its alleged relations with the government of China, and is often considered as a strong ally of it. All are statements denied vehemently by the company.


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