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Garena Free Fire is the perfect replacement for PUBG Mobile

Garena Free Fire is the perfect replacement for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has come to Android smartphones with almost no competition but now the story is different. Garena Free Fire is one of the great competitors to the game. Although we can talk about the Fortnite, let’s look first at this Garena Free Fire instead.

Since Fortnite needs to be installed outside of the Google Play Store, you’d expect your Android success not to be as great as iOS. Fortnite remains a heavy application that requires more of the smartphone.

Certainly, that’s why Garena Free Fire has gained so much fame. Brazil is one of the biggest markets for this game.

Garena Free Fire is an excellent game for those who do not have a top of the range

I do not know if the game has identified my nationality and brought me up with people from Nigeria, however, it was something I appreciated In PUBG Mobile.

The Last Survivor
The Last Survivor

Garena Free Fire is far from having the same graphics or gameplay as PUBG Mobile. The game is slower to recognize the touch, even using a top-of-the-range smartphone. However, it is a game where learning is simpler. While in PUBG Mobile the right side controls the view of the player, in the Garena Free Fire the view is wider. (type when you see with the “eye” in PUBG).

Even though it’s not a PUBG Mobile

Guns and interaction with the game is not easy to get used to. At least if you’re used to playing PUBG Mobile. You have to give a thousand and one shots to kill someone, even when your weapon is powerful. Something I really liked, was to see the line of fire when firing. It helps us to realize more concretely to point.

The game, which is free on the Google Play Store, has exactly the same ideology as PUBG Mobile. By the way, or any other Battle Royal. Pier on an island and the last man (or team) standing, wins.

The game is free on the Google Play Store, however, please note that it is a game with more than 400MB, so do not forget to relieve your smartphone before installing it.

Download the game here

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