Gaming - Microsoft wants more options in Windows 10, as in the Xbox

The gaming as a concept does not exist only on consoles, quite the contrary. And Microsoft knows this, so your bet on Windows 10 will be higher in 2019, as there are several players who do not stick around for the Xbox One.

Indeed, according to Phil Spencer, there are many improvements to be made to the Microsoft PC Store, as many titles are nonetheless missing. One of them, for example, has to do with the famous Discord, and still lack support from Nvidia in several titles.

In the background, even if there are Play Anywhere games – such as the Forza Horizon 4 or even Sea of ​​Thieves – then there are applications and services that allow the best experience. That is, taking into consideration that it should be fixed through the most used Windows Store of the present time.

More on Microsoft’s Windows 10, as you can see on the Xbox!

Likewise, it is expected that the Xbox application will be even more capable in 2019, after some updates. It may (and should) allow gamers the ability to control which games to install and when, as well as their updates.

Of course, grant the ability to choose the medium to communicate with other players, such as Discord, for example.


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