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Gameplay trailer highlights characters from It Takes Two

Trailer de gameplay destaca personagens de It Takes Two

Electronic Arts and Hazelight Studios launched this Monday afternoon (22 ), a gameplay trailer for It Takes Two. The video highlights the protagonists Cody and May, a couple in the process of divorce, but transformed into dolls and taken into a magical world.

The content is narrated by Josef Fares, game director. He explains that each character will have unique abilities, making the game different if the user selects a hero different from the one used previously. Cody can control time and reverse objects, while May creates clones of herself.

Fares also highlights that all scenarios are “ unique and will reflect in some way in history “. The dev still jokes: “ instead of putting collectibles in shiny , we make the world fun and interactive “.

In the story, Cody and May will need to rediscover the love they feel for each other to escape the magical world. For that, they will have the help of Dr. Hakim, a “love guru”.

Whoever buys It Takes Two will be able to invite a friend through the “Friend’s Pass” to join the cooperative gameplay. That friend won’t need to buy the title to enjoy the experience.

It Takes Two is finished

Recently, Hazelight Studios’ new game was gold. In other words, it has reached the end of the development process and will now be sent to production.

The title will be released on the day 26 March 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. The unique features of the new Sony console will not be supported.

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