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Game addiction becomes mental disorder by the World Health Organization

Electronic game addiction will be considered a mental disorder by the 11th International Classification of Diseases ( ICD ), a document under development by the World Health Organization – the most recent ICD is in 1992 and the new edition is scheduled for 2018.

Disorder is described as a pattern of persistent or recurring gambling habits so severe that they prioritize above health and other interests.

Among the symptoms cited by the Classification, there is a lack of control over game habits, increasing the priority of video game and the continuous use of electronic games even in the face of negative consequences.

Still, doctors cite caution regarding the treatment of the new disorder. “It’s important because it creates the opportunity for more specialized treatments. It puts the problem on the map as something that should be taken seriously,” British doctor Richard Graham said in an interview with the BBC.

“But it may also leave some parents confused, when in fact their children are just excited gamers,” he commented.

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