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Galaxy X: Samsung starts working on the foldable smartphone screen

Galaxy X Samsung starts working on the foldable smartphone screen

It has long been said that the Samsung Galaxy X would be the company’s first foldable smartphone. Samsung has been offering us this kind of technology for some years now.

Do not confuse Galaxy X with Galaxy S10. “X” will be the foldable “S10” evolution of the Galaxy S9.

We are in 2018 and nothing has been officially seen on a foldable smartphone. What was “astonishing” in 2014 begins to be questioned these days. What will a folding screen look like? What is the logic of such functionality? Why would you pay more for a little evolved technology?

The Samsung Galaxy X will allegedly be that. A terminal that will be expensive, which will only be built on a small scale (1 million) and without a very logical purpose.

Samsung Galaxy X to be the world’s first foldable smartphone

Huawei has also said that it is working on a folding screen, but the same questions arise.

At a time when smartphones are bigger than ever this type of technology would help improve the look of the terminal. But how far is that an evolution?

According to ETNews, Samsung has already started manufacturing the OLED screens that will be incorporated into the next Galaxy X. A screen with flexible technology will give the smartphone new possibilities.

According to the same source, the South Korean company intends to start mass-manufacturing as early as November and prepare the Samsung Galaxy X for official revelation in February at the Mobile World Congress.

There is no going back. Sooner or later we’ll have a foldable smartphone on the market. However, my questions continue to be raised. I am one of those who dreamed in 2014 and one of those who questioned in 2018. We will see to what extent Samsung or another company may surprise us.


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