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Galaxy S9 may be more compact than the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S9 should bring a larger screen or display than ever before. This without increasing the physical dimensions of the smartphone compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8. In short, we will have the same format or screen ratio 18.5: 9, as we have in the current Google S8 but now even bigger. The margins on the Samsung Galaxy S9 will decline, even more!

In fact, as GalaxyClub advances, the   Samsung Galaxy S9 will have an even bigger screen. In addition, it could even employ a new 21: 9 format as well as sammobile. In practice, for the user, this would mean that the next top of the South Korean giant would bring a  display capable of occupying 90% of the entire front panel area. A figure never seen before in Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 could be even more compact than the Samsung Galaxy S8

I speak from experience. However pleasing the use of a large screen, we have reached a point where it is not easy or comfortable to use a screen with 6 inches and the conventional format 16: 9. It is simply too wide to be comfortably held in the hand.If the brand can effectively apply the format 21: 9 this would mean that the physical dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S9 could even decrease compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8. That would be an extraordinary feat.

How can technology implement such a large screen without increasing the physical dimensions of the device? The answer lies in the  Infinity Display , the brand’s name for its virtually borderless display technology.


If in the current generation we have a smartphone with 5.8 and another with 6.2 inches of  display , in the Samsung Galaxy S9 we can see exactly the same dimensions of screen but with a small physical dimensions. If this is indeed true, it would be with good eyes that you would see these products.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + already have a screen more than enough and if the brand could make both devices even more compact. Great! They would be even more practical and comfortable to use with one hand.

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