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Galaxy S8 To Bring Unique Feature You’ve Never Seen Before

Do you think you have seen it all Samsung is saying sorry you have not seen anything yet Rumors that Samsung will is going to launch an impressive smartphone come next year Galaxy S8 to be precise and it will bring unique feature you have not seen before.
Galaxy S8 Said To Pack Unique Feature We’ve Never Seen Before
As we all know upcoming device from Samsung that is Galaxy S8 is about to bring few features that are sure to come on the iPhone 8 next year which includes all screen design with buttons and sensors incorporated into the display.
Samsung Galaxy S8 is also adding features that are currently available in this year’s iPhone 7 like 3D touch support, dual lens rear camera and a personal voice assistant. However, according to ET news, Samsung is planning to bring a feature that we’ve never seen before.
Korean site ETNews reported that Samsung had planned to equip the Galaxy S8 with an auto-focus front-facing camera that will surely help people to click better selfies. So, Samsung now planned to bring a feature that is yet to be discovered by its competitors.
An unnamed representative for the industry said “People are starting to take more selfies and number of demands for cameras that take selfies with higher qualities is increasing” Samsung had found a way to add the auto-focus feature in front camera without increasing the size of a camera module.
According to BGR “ETNews says that the Galaxy S8 will use an “encoder” method that has coils at the side, rather than a Voice Coil Motor that’s used in rear cameras for autofocus. Samsung has not commented on the matter, saying that it “cannot discuss any information regarding new products that are not commercialized yet.”
So, there are no rumors out there which suggest that iPhone 8 will have autofocus on its front camera or not. But, right now Samsung is the only one to introduce this new feature.


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