Home NEWS Galaxy S10 – The 3 models will feature innovative functionality!

Galaxy S10 – The 3 models will feature innovative functionality!

Galaxy S10 - The 3 models will feature innovative functionality!

It seems we have a new leak to join the mountain of information that has come out about the Samsung Galaxy S10 in recent months! What is actually normal, since after a ‘weak’ 2018, the company is now preparing for an authentic ‘All-in’!

In addition to rumors mentioning the existence of 3 Galaxy S10 models, it seems that some sources point to all three coming to the market with a fingerprint sensor embedded on the screen! This contradicts some rumors that mentioned the existence of the sensor in only two models.

However, the site ‘SamMobile’ explains that although all models have this sensor … There will be some differences in implementation!

In short, the two premium models will feature an ultrasonic sensor! While the budget version will feature an optical sensor.

For those who do not know, the ‘ultrasonic’ sensor works by transmitting an ultrasonic pulse against the finger! Mapping all fingerprint details unique to each user. That said, the ultrasonic sensors are more accurate and faster than the optical sensors already used in the market.

In parallel, the rumor also mentions that the successors of the Galaxy S9 and S9 + will count on screens ‘Infinitos’ of 6.2 “and of 6.4” respectively. These are the versions that should implement the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Samsung has not yet confirmed any of this, so you have to keep in mind that for now they are nothing more than rumors. However, it is one more reason to raise the level of enthusiasm! This is because in addition to the S10, Samsung is also expected to launch the first foldable smartphone on the market!

It will be a simply bombastic start to the year! With the S10 celebrating its tenth anniversary since Samsung decided to compete in the smartphone market against Apple and its iPhone.

But perhaps even more interesting than this, is that 2019 has to be a great year for the company! It is that the S9 and S9 + were not big sales successes, and the new foldable Galaxy, despite being an industry landmark, will be extremely expensive and available in few quantities! Putting even more pressure on S10 sales.


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