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Galaxy S10 - Patent reveals details about the new ultrasonic sensor!

Galaxy S10 – Patent reveals details about the new ultrasonic sensor!

After a weak 2018 in terms of sales, Samsung is poised to change the paradigm! The Korean giant has a great arsenal of resources at its disposal, so it will bet everything next year with the Galaxy S10. That said, today we have some more news about the device that should revolutionize the market!

One of the most insistent rumors for the Galaxy S line in recent years, talks about the introduction of a fingerprint sensor on the screen!

Something we heard for the first time even before the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 +. However, it seems that 2019 will be finally the year we will have a top of the range Samsung with this feature, the Galaxy S10.

Several rumors and industry sources point to the use of an ultrasonic sensor in the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10. That is, a fingerprint sensor on the screen, but far superior to what some Chinese manufacturers like Vivo already use in their smartphones.

Because it is faster and more accurate than the technology used by competitors. Samsung’s latest patent for biometric scanning has been granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The document presents two ways of using or placing on the sensor, as you can see in the image below.



In addition, the ultrasonic sensor can also be used on one side of the smartphone, a button, or the back. In parallel, it may also contain an image sensor that will take a ‘photo’ of the user’s fingerprint! It then passes all the information to the mobile phone so that it can be authenticated.

This technology is expected to be introduced in two of the three Galaxy S10 handsets that Samsung will launch in 2019.

Another news that the rumors also speak a lot … It is an implementation of a three-camera system in the most ‘premium’ model, probably the Galaxy S10 +! This device where Samsung will bet everything, so as to show all its technological power.

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