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Galaxy Fold will be the name of Samsung’s foldable smartphone

The name of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is one of the best-kept mysteries of recent times. First, it was suspected that Galaxy X would be the name chosen. Still, last summer we began to talk more insistently in the name Galaxy F.

However, more recently, the name has evolved into Galaxy Fold – but without confirmation. Now the well-known “leaker” Evan Blass states that Galaxy Fold will indeed be the name of this device

In fact, there is a good chance we’ll have another Galaxy Sniff smell tomorrow. At the launch of the Galaxy S10 trio, Samsung should certainly show more any little thing about this trendy folding smartphone.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will have respectable specs

From the beginning we have been talking about one of a flexible screen of 7.3 inches. When folded, it can reach the 4.8-inch variant, making it quite manageable. Still, more recent information supports that the device will have two AMOLED screens with curved edges that come together.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will have respectable specs

The Galaxy Fold should be equipped with a three-chamber setup on the rear. In addition, it is expected the firepower of the Snapdragon 855. It also counts with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Numbers that, in my view, serve only to fill the eye.


The device should arrive with One UI over Android Pie. However, it is known whether or not this will bring connectivity to 5G. although we are waiting for more news tomorrow, we will have to wait some more time for the launch.

In short, it is to expect that the technology is developed enough to make it desirable. It’s worthless to have 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage if the foldable screen is not really good to use and if Android is not sufficiently developed for the format.

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