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Galaxy Fold gets screen defect after a certain number of folds


Even today we talked about how Samsung is preparing more foldable smartphones. However, not everything is roses in this new adventure of flexible screens.

The truth is that Samsung is still exploring the market to realize what benefit consumers will take away from Galaxy Fold and other future models. Additionally, it seems that they are still perfecting the components.

The Galaxy Fold is apparently ready to go out in the spring of 2019 but there is a snag: the Galaxy Fold screen gets creases after being folded about 10,000 times.

Galaxy Fold and Mate X represent the first generation of foldable smartphones

A report from sources close to Samsung indicates that the South Korean giant is trying to solve this problem of creases. The company is considering offering screen replacements but for now, no official statement.

First, let’s look at the math of the thing. Doubling a smartphone 10 thousand times seems ridiculous but the truth is that we can get to that number faster than we think.

Imagine buying the Galaxy Fold and folding it 10 times a day. You will reach the critical point in about 1000 days, or nearly three years. However, you’ll probably fold it more than 10 times in regular use.

Galaxy fold

Of course this usage statistics and results may vary but if Samsung is concerned about this, consumers should also take due precautions. The company said that the Galaxy Fold folds without a problem 200,000 times.

That may well be true but until these 200 thousand times, how many creases does the screen have? This imperfection of the screen is located on a protective tape between the touch sensor and the panel. For this reason Samsung has kept the Galaxy Fold well protected in the MWC.

So what can we conclude? Is Samsung about to deliver an unfinished product? What do we see in the MWC is a mere sample unit? Only time will tell.


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