Home NEWS Galaxy Fit is the new wearable for fitness from Samsung

Galaxy Fit is the new wearable for fitness from Samsung

Galaxy Fit is the new wearable for fitness from Samsung

Samsung’s Unpacked event has brought us loads of news. However, the wearables also had their deserved prominence.

In this sense, Samsung introduced us the Galaxy Fit. This is a smartband indicated for physical activity or health control.

With the market full of smartbands options, the Korean company was missing its bid for 2019.

The Galaxy Fit features well above average

Firstly, this smartband weighs only 23 grams. Of course, it is waterproof which means you can swim and bathe with it. Galaxy Fit also has a heart rate reader, as is common in these wearables.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit


Secondly, the Galaxy Fit features an AMOLED touch screen. This type of screen already exists in some smartbands however it is not common in cheaper models.

The Galaxy Fit features built-in 6 different exercises. The smartband controls each exercise. However, if you have an exercise that is not included in the band you can always manually add it through the Galaxy Wearable application.

Galaxy Fit


We still have sleep control. This function already exists in most bands. In this sense allows you to control your sleep through various stages, whether deep or light sleep. Samsung also mentioned stress management. It may be a contextualized notification in Android Digital Wellness.

In short, this is the bet of fitness on wearables by Samsung. The Korean company did not mention price but considering the AMOLED screen, we will not be talking about a wearable low-cost. As stated in the presentation, Galaxy Fit will sync across all your Samsung devices.


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