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From the first iPhone to the last! A video that shows us the big differences!

It was in 2007 that Apple revolutionized the mobile market by introducing its first iPhone. Although in the eyes of today it is a weak device, for launch time it was a revolutionary step.

Such a significant evolution that most manufacturers have followed the design ideology. Incidentally, those who did not, such as BlackBerry and Palm, were unable to avenge the segment.

MKBHD video shows us the differences

For all those who don’t see developments from year to year and say “they’re all the same”, here’s a video that gives us 12 years of difference.

The first iPhone only had a 2MP rear camera and a “big” screen (for the height) of 3.5 “inches. It’s interesting to see that on a static level Apple has continued on the same lines. Only on iPhone X does the company de Cupertino removed the Home button that was presented on the first iPhone.

The system is not that different

Sometimes we watch videos where we see a child working on old technology and have no idea what it is. However, this terminal is not that different from today. Speaking clear at the software level.

IOS is probably the least changed system. We have clear design developments, however, Apple’s design constraints, possibilities remain the same.

An iPhone is meant to be used as Apple wants. For example, there is no way to be able to modify icon orders. It has always been that way and I don’t see the mindset changing.

This is a fun video to watch and I think you’ll enjoy seeing the differences between the two models. An interesting evolution that leaves us with nostalgia for the past.


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