Home NEWS Founder of bitcoin broker Foxbit dies in auto accident

Founder of bitcoin broker Foxbit dies in auto accident

Founder of bitcoin broker Foxbit dies in auto accident

The entrepreneur of the crypto-coins Guto Schiavon died on Christmas afternoon (25), the victim of an automobile accident that occurred on the João Ribeiro de Barros highway (SP-294), which leads to the city of Marília, where he was born. Because of the accident, a 20-year-old girl was also killed and three others injured.

Schiavon was the founder of Foxbit, one of the largest crypto brokers in Brazil. The company of 400,000 customers has issued a note of regret and condolences to the family on its official Twitter account. Under Schiavon, Foxbit managed to move approximately R $ 20 million a day, holding active investor portfolios of crypto-currency investments.

According to information from the Road Police, Guto drove the car accompanied by his girlfriend Ariadny Rinolfi, who was attended in the area in serious condition. It rained heavily on the stretch, which caused Guto to lose control of his vehicle, invading the opposite strip and colliding with another car. A truck that was already in the section could not stop in time and hit the entrepreneur’s car.

In the other car, student Beatriz Guide, 20, her boyfriend and her father traveled. The three were treated in serious condition, but she could not resist the injuries and died next.

Guto Schiavon was a native of Marília, in the interior of São Paulo. He lived in Pompeii for years before moving definitively to the capital of São Paulo in order to dedicate himself completely to the company he founded in 2014. His parents and relatives, however, remained in the city. The businessman visited them often.

Guto Schiavon was 24 years old.


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