Fortnite has just taken $50 Million from Google’s pockets

Fortnite has just taken $ 50 Million from Google's pockets

Fortnite has just will hit many Android smartphones soon, but you will not be able to install the game through the Google Play Store. Epic Games, creator of Fortnite, decided not to include the game in the Play Store. All this to save money on product sales. Let me explain. Google takes a slice of developer sales.

With 30% of the profits from the sale of the application, the Mountain View company is literally making money without doing almost anything.

That is, if the WhatsApp, which is free in the Play Store, had a value of € 1, Google would get € 0.30 of that value.

Fortnite decides to avoid the Google Play Store and saves 50 million!

Many believe that it is a fair value in order to keep the platform safer and more capable, however, Epic Games has decided to step aside and open the horizons.

The Fortnite app, as soon as it is available for Android smartphones, will need to be installed directly from the Epic Games website via APK. In this way, if players decide to buy any enhancements in the game, they will not have to pay that 30 % to Google.

These are the Smartphones compatible with Fortnite for Android

These 30 percent, according to Sensor Tower analysts, equates to $ 50 million in the first few months alone. An absurd value. With this value saved Epic will be able to invest in more staff for the development of the game and servers for when the platform begins to receive more users.

I’m in favor of downloading APK’s to avoid Google’s quota. However, I can perfectly understand this move. Fortnite does not properly need the Play Store to continue growing.

The video shows Fortnite running on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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