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Fortnite: Season 9 ends with real titans battle!


Without a doubt, the highlight during the entire 9th season of Fortnite was the construction of the giant pink robot. Unsurprisingly, with the approaching end of the season, construction has come to an end and the giant “Doggus” completed its mission in a battle of titans.

Yesterday was the big “D-Day”, and after completion of the construction of the robot Doggus, Epic Games closed almost all game modes in Fortnite.

Players who were online were transferred to a new mode called “The Final Showdown” where they could see the epic battle between Doggus and Cattus, a monster that threatened to destroy the entire island.

Battle of Titans was seen live by millions of players

In this game mode created especially for this battle, players could travel freely around the island in order to get the best view of the battle. Without needing to worry about opponents, the only purpose of this mode was to enjoy this unique battle.

After several minutes where both giants used their weapons to exchange various blows. Eventually, both eventually jumped into the ocean, disappearing momentarily. Doggus seemed to have won the battle, being the only one to reappear on the island.

However, Cattus did not take long to jump out of the water, surprisingly pulling off one of the robot’s arms. After a few more exchanges of attacks, Doggus removed a large sword from the ground and managed to perform the final attack on the monster. After the victorious battle, the robot performed the legendary ‘Floss’ and greeted the millions of players before flying off the map.

The skeleton of the monster, with the sword sprinkled in its skull, continues present in the island of the Fortnite, happening to represent a new area that can be integrated in season 10.

You can see the complete battle in the video below recorded by YouTuber SkyV.


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