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Fortnite: Millions of credit cards posted on the Internet

Fortnite Millions of credit cards posted on the Internet

Fortnite has appeared several times as a headline in online news, especially thanks to its great achievements in the gamingworld  . This is the most popular game of today, with more than 200 million active players.

As such, it ended up with a giant ‘target’ with thousands of hackers waiting for the ideal time to attack. According to the latest report from the company  SuperData, Fortnite has yielded to Epic Games more than 2 billion euros in revenue over the past year.

Just like any other online phenomenon that generates millions of euros per year, it has become an appetizing target for the most experienced hackers. Presenting yourself as a rich source of private information, such as credit card data.

Private data on Fortnite may not be so private …

Now, according to security firm Check Point, a serious vulnerability has been found in the Fortnite login system. These vulnerabilities allowed hackers to  access credentials.

As you can imagine, by having access to the login data, they can access all your personal information, as well as the credit card data they use for in-game purchases.

According to the report, this vulnerability also allowed hackers to gain access to user conversations within the game, as well as the environment in which they are located. These are serious privacy issues that may have affected millions of users.

Fortnite 2FA

Fortnite generated billions of euros, but how many millions were stolen?

To date, no evidence has yet emerged that this vulnerability has been exploited by hackers , at least on a large scale. However, it is also possible that data from millions of credit cards have been stored by  hackers.  They can be used in the future. It’s impossible to be certain …

Finally, Epic Games has already confirmed that these vulnerability problems have already been fixed. What’s more, they have once again reinforced their desire for their players to always take precautions to keep their accounts protected. However, in this situation, there was nothing they could do …


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