Home GAMES Fortnite for Android will be available through Samsung Galaxy Apps

Fortnite for Android will be available through Samsung Galaxy Apps

Fortnite for Android will be available through Samsung Galaxy Apps

In recent days, there has been much talk of how Fortnite will finally get to Android. This moment will not be entirely consensual by the ways of distributing the game. Still, in a first phase, the game should be available at the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

It is believed that the famous game of Epic Games arrives at Android already next Thursday. This is because this is the day of presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The equipment that should have the exclusivity of this game for 30 days.

Then followed by another 60 to 90 days of exclusivity for the remaining Samsung Galaxy. This means that the remaining Android smartphones should only have access to Fortnite in November or December.

Today we get more data on how the game will reach the Samsung equipment. According to XDA Developers, Fortnite will be available for download through the Samsung Galaxy Apps application store.

You can download Fortnite to your Samsung by Samsung Galaxy Apps

This is the Android application store designed by the South Korean company. Of course it is exclusive to Sammy users and will greatly facilitate the process of installing this game on their smartphone.

This takes on greater importance after Epic Games itself has confirmed that it will not distribute Fortnite in the Google Play Store. Anyone who wants to install the game will have to download the respective APK on the official website of the company.

This is due to the 30% fee Google charges on any transaction made within the applications available in your store. By making Fortnite available outside of the Play Store, Epic Games reserves all of the profits generated by those transactions.

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The decision to take Fortnite to Galaxy Apps has certainly been taken by the fact that Samsung has proposed a better deal to Epic Games than to Google. Otherwise, it would not make sense for the company to evade the Google Play Store and go do similar business with another entity.

Ultimately, whoever wins with this decision is the end user. This way you will not have to install applications from other sources. You will have to go to Galaxy Apps, download the game and it will be installed automatically.

One last note to inform you that Fortnite should also be available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. The announcement must be made the same day, ensuring that the two latest South Korean products will receive the game simultaneously.


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