Fortnite for Android may have extended partnership with Samsung
Fortnite for Android may have extended partnership with Samsung

Fortnite for Android the long-awaited game to available soon than expected on smartphones. The Epic Games game will actually hit the platform, but not in the way that many expected. Incidentally, the game should be an initial exclusive of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

This is just rumors, but recent information has reported a partnership between Epic Games and Samsung regarding Fortnite. This should be exclusive of South Korea’s new top-tier for 30 days.

At the end of this period, it was expected that the game could be installed on any other Android smartphone. However, new information adds new data to this exclusivity.

According to Android Headlines , the partnership between Epic Games and Samsung for Fortnite will be broader than expected. In fact, the game may be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy for another two or three months.

Fortnite for Android will only stay on Samsung Galaxy up to 120 days

The duration of this partnership is not yet well defined but certainly will not please the remaining Android users. After the 30 days of exclusivity in Galaxy Note 9, the game could remain for another 60 to 90 days in South Korean equipment.

To be all that true, Fortnite will arrive globally at Android only there for November or December this year. If you own any smartphone other than Samsung, the wait is still far from over.

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But when it’s over, it’s important to make sure the game is not available on the Google Play Store. Fortnite will need to be installed via APK, which you can download from the official Epic Games website.

It should also be noted that the game is not yet officially available for Android, so do not download anything that claims to be the Fortnite. When the game is available it will be news item on our site, with all the necessary information about its installation.


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