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Fortnite for Android and iOS gets (finally!) Support for commands

Fortnite for Android and iOS gets (finally!) Support for commands

Fortnite is one of the most popular games today, being available for free on virtually all video game platforms. Since its arrival on smartphones, it has made the life of PUBG Mobile much more complicated.

However, they have always suffered great criticism because they do not support the use of Bluetooth commands. Since the game mechanics of Fortnite can become quite complex. Using your smartphone screen can be a real challenge.

The situation becomes even more complicated if we remember that it is a multi-platform game. But with the arrival of the new update (v7.30), Fortnite for Android and iOS will finally support Bluetooth commands natively.

Fortnite will now become even more popular on smartphones!

These are certainly great news for fans of the popular Battle Royale game. Since your gaming experience on smartphones can be substantially improved.

There is no doubt that it is much more effective to use a Bluetooth command than the built-in smartphone controls. However, as you’d expect, it will be much easier to do it on Android smartphones, than on iOS.

In the case of Android smartphones, virtually all commands with Bluetooth support will be supported. If you have an Xbox One, for example, the second generation commands support Bluetooth. Therefore, they can be used without any problem. In case you are looking for a Bluetooth command to play on your smartphone.


On the other hand, in the case of iPhones, the story is totally different. Epic Games reports that only MFi certified commands will be supported. That is why it will certainly be more complicated to find a command at more affordable prices. In its publication, the company makes reference to the popular SteelSeries Nimbus as one of the options for iOS.

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