Home NEWS Fortnite: Epic to end 2018 valued at more than $ 15 billion

Fortnite: Epic to end 2018 valued at more than $ 15 billion

Fortnite: Epic to end 2018 valued at more than $ 15 billion

Fortnite is a gaming title that no longer goes unnoticed by anyone. The game dances that can be seen on PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Android among other platforms continues to grow.

Of course, this happens at the revenue level as well as the users. In fact, only the seconds could make the financial numbers so positive. And it’s the roughly 250 million players Epic has enunciated that allow us to reach the numbers reported yesterday.

In fact, this is coupled with the Wall Street Journal’s assessment last September. Epic will have been valued at more than $ 15 billion, a large amount compared to what would have been expected two years ago.

The big question is, on the other hand, how can Fortnite be so profitable. Well, that has to do with two fundamental aspects. Firstly the game gains great advantage from the moment it can be played on various platforms.

Epic’s Fortnite is a title that no longer goes unnoticed!

Of course, it’s even more appealing to the player when he realizes that he will not be prevented from playing with anyone he wants, regardless of the device he is using. On the other hand, there is the issue of the game being free.

Although it is not necessary to buy the game, there are contents within the same for which it has to be paid. And these are a great source of revenue. This revenue is increasing because there are countless players who choose to acquire this type of content.

As such, Fortnite will continue to grow and become even more profitable. It remains to be seen, however, how long the trend will be.


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