Home GAMES Fortnite authors fulfill the request of an 8-year-old fan

Fortnite authors fulfill the request of an 8-year-old fan

Fortnite authors fulfill the request of an 8-year-old fan

Epic Games has listened to the wishes of one of their young fans. It’s no secret that not only adults but also children play multiplayer shooters. Often, developers do not pay attention to messages from young gamers, but not the creators of the most popular “Royal Battle”.

A few months ago, the father of 8-year-old Connor published on Reddit the idea of his son – drawn on a piece of paper of the hero in the form of a fighting cock. The forums are full of similar ideas, and often they do not go beyond them. But sometimes real miracles happen. The concept was so liked by the public that other gamers began an active discussion of the idea, and the most skilled of them even drew full-fledged sketches. A delighted parent showed his son’s work, having captured his reaction to the video with an appeal to the creators of Fortnite. For a while, this story was forgotten …


But recently, one of the authors of the very sketches said that the developers had contacted him and asked him to take part in creating a full-fledged skin for a shooter. This was followed by several days of speculation on the forums and the appearance of mysterious feathers in the game itself. As a result, Epic Games officially introduced an unusual skin for Fortnite – Tender Defender. Innovation caused a flurry of positive emotions from the community.

According to Connor’s father, the boy now flaunts around the house with a permanent grin, and he himself feels “the coolest dad in the world”.

“Thanks to everyone at Reddit who made this possible. You guys made me the coolest dad in the world, ”Connor’s father wrote.


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