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Fortnite authors decided to punish the main data miners

Fortnite authors decided to punish the main datamineers

The creators of the most popular multiplayer action movie of recent years do not like the fact that players will find out information about upcoming updates before the official announcement. Thanks to the Internet, gamers are getting harder and harder to surprise its users with something: the so-called datamineers learn game codes and open patches, finding details about future changes and other interesting information. Not all developers like this, but it is almost impossible to fight it. Epic Games still decided to try.

FNBRLeaks, one of the most well-known sources of leaks to Fortnite, received a notice from Epic Games lawyers asking them to engage in their activities. It was not necessary to convince insiders for a long time – the administration of the account via TwitLonger announced that in the near future it would delete its accounts on Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and Github. If FNBRLeaks does not do this, then the lawyers will sue them. Epic’s position is such that numerous leaks have spoiled the game for millions and negatively impacted its developers.

“I’m not going to go into details about this, but. At the request of an Epic Games lawyer who I am not going to discuss, my Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram and GitHub accounts must be deleted, otherwise they will take action. Thank you all for your support during this 7-month period. Unfortunately, everything is coming to an end, ”wrote the author FNBRLeaks.

This is not the first Epic attack on FNBRLeaks and similar insiders: back in August, the company banned Dataminer accounts under the pretext that they were engaged in fraudulent activities. Note that enthusiasts mainly posted information about future skins and modes in Fortnite. How this spoiled the game to fans is not clear.


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