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Fortnite: Add a new dance to your character! It’s easy and safe

Fortnite Add a new dance to your character! It's easy and safe

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to guarantee the safety of online users. Even using the most complete security methods. With this in mind, the Fortnite team decided to offer a special “gift” to all users who activate the 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) security method.

Fortnite has several million active players every day on a variety of platforms. In addition, most of them are smaller. Thus, Epic Games has decided to use a little trick to educate its players, keeping them safer.

The team of Fortnite announced on their official Twitter account that all players who activate the security method 2FA, will get the dance “Boogie Down” in order to use within the game.

However, it was not specified in the advertisement whether players who already have this active method will also receive this small gift. Of course, it would make sense, any user who has active 2FA to receive the new dance.

Epic Games uses Fortnite’s popularity to educate its most naive players about online safety

The publication also included a link to the page where players can follow detailed steps to activate the method of security. In this way, there is no excuse to go along with this opportunity. Giving even more security to your account.

This is undoubtedly a very creative way. In order to effectively educate younger (and not only) users. Promoting a safer presence on the internet. Sometimes they can not even have an idea of the risks that occur in different situations, and educational actions of this kind are never too much.

There are dozens of examples spread over the internet. User cases (most of them “very young”) who in an extremely naive manner ended up providing access data from their accounts to people with bad intentions.

Once again, Epic Games’ initiative, using the great success of Fortnit and trying to educate its users to maintain a safer presence in the online world, is to be commended.


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